RELINK THE TEXTURE WITH PUBLIC SPACE . Urban regeneration of “Piazzale Azzolino” in the historic center of Fermo

Designer(s): Stefano Nasini . Domenico Conti
Tutor(s): Arch. Gianluigi Mondaini

Fermo is one of the most beautiful and peculiar city of Marche, especially for its historic center. The town developed along the steep slope of the hill, where the Chathedral, built on the peak, dominates and overlooks the surrounding landascape.

The project inserts a new mixed use building (public spaces, retail, office, housing, parking) in a precise place of the North side of the slope; it is the new attractive center between the central old public space and the recent development outside the ancient town.

Selected eye-level view
Selected eye-level view

The project is a well-structured and dense layout of open public spaces and built volumes. The public space is the main topic of the composition; it is a system of squares, different for shape and position, linked by systems of staircases. The buildings are the basics of the whole project; they are the background for the public space, so the open space is improved.

The project wants to create a new image for the entire city and, at the same time, to tell the dynamic urban landscape, without forgetting the typical, formal, material and structural characteristic of the historic center.
In this way the project is both well integrated with the dense and peculiar texture of the ancient town and able to confront itself with the requirement of a contemporary city.

Selected eye-level view
Selected eye-level view

The project is not just a path between the new and the old town; it wants to relink the urban texture and turn this current anonymous place into a great square; for meeting and for staying.
The building changes and redraws the orography of the slope.
The retail, the public functions and the public spaces have a continuous and horizontal way; the residential blocks and the staircases have a vertical and punctual way to link themselves with the built up context.

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